What our VIPs are saying about their experience...

“Life is amazing as a VIP! I absolutely love everything about this enriching experience…The students themselves are a joy and I love seeing their dedication pay off in large dividends!”  

"As a retired teacher, I am quite impressed with how much effort and energy the district put into the VIP program."

“I absolutely LOVE working with the students! The staff has all been very supportive and helpful to me. I am very impressed with the teachers and their dedication to their students."

"The teachers seem very interested in having a volunteer help their students succeed. It does make me feel like a VIP."

What teachers say about their VIPs... 

"The students absolutely love working with him and beg for a chance to have a turn.”

“I’ve…really enjoyed the amazing insight that the VIPs have for me at the end of their tutoring sessions…Some of the insight is new and allows me to take a different approach with that student and some reaffirms what I’ve been seeing on my own.”

“I love the acronym for our volunteers, because they are very important to so many of our students. The attention, caring, kindness, and support of our VIPs has made a huge difference to our students and enables our teachers to meet the needs of each child. We are so grateful!”

“Not only did the students benefit from the small group intensity and focus in their academic pursuits, they appreciated the “VIP” treatment and attention! They also felt a sense of pride that the broader community respects their effort in school, and considers it worthy of the support of adults not already in their circle.”

What aspiring teachers engaged in the VIP College Corps have to say...

"I cannot wait to be a teacher, especially after this experience."

"The teacher I got was awesome! And the kids were great. This experience made me fall in love with my profession even more."

Former Desert Cove Principal Chad Lanese on the VIP College Corps program...

"The end result is that our students gain exposure to positive role-models and receive additional support at school.  Our teachers gain a volunteer in the classroom and also serve as mentors, guiding PVCC students in understanding what it takes to be an effective teacher.  VIP College Corps is truly a benefit to our students and staff!"