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PVHS Student Spotlight

eCybermission Winners

Congratulations to PVHS CREST students, who competed in the eCybermission Challenge.

1st Place: CREST CEB, Alex Kurz, Cyler Minkus, Henry Garland

2nd Place: Phantom Phoenix, Sydney Nelson, Karina Ibarra, Paul Saulnier

Honorable Mention: Three of a Kind, Chloe Rozalsky, Jackson Headon, Ian Roberts

City of Phoenix Outstanding Young Man/Young Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Genevieve Craven and Mac McGraw, Outstanding Young Woman and Outstanding Young Man for District 2, and to Brian Mecinas, Outstanding Young Man for District 3. Read more about the Outstanding Young Man and Young Woman of the Year Program.

Watch the video of Outstanding Young Woman, Genevieve Craven.

Baird Scholar

Congratulations to Genevieve Craven, winner of the University of Arizona's Baird Scholarship. Read more about the Baird Scholarship.