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A+ School of excellence

In May 2015, we were recognized as an "A+ School of Excellence" by the Arizona Education Foundation. The vision of North Canyon is “to create an environment that fosters a belief in the importance of lifelong learning. To this end, students, staff, and community will collaborate and communicate on the best means of creating a respectful environment that encourages student achievement.” The mission statement, crafted in 2012-2013, states that “North Canyon empowers students to care, learn, and succeed, ensuring college and career readiness.”

In the spring of 2012-2013, the principal took the Instructional Leadership Team off campus to discuss a number of school-related topics. One agenda item was to create a meaningful mission statement that was clear, reflected the needs of our student body, and served as a focus for ongoing school improvement. The mission statement listed above evolved over a two-year period. The first iteration did not include the last phrase, “ensuring college and career readiness.” The initial statement was discussed within departments asking for input and support, which it received. The phrase “ensuring college and career readiness” reflects our commitment to a school-to-workplace connection and was added in the fall of 2014.

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