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Barton’s International Academy Chinese Students Visit PVSchools Classrooms

  Barton’s International Academy Chinese Students Visit PVSchools Classrooms For the third year in a row, PVSchools hosted 37 Chinese students through its partnership with Barton’s International Academy. The students attended classes at Whispering Wind Academy, Vista Verde Middle School and North Canyon High School from January 25th-27th and from February 1st-3rd.

During the visit, the Chinese students were able to experience what learning is like in an American classroom, including working to improve their English skills. PVSchools students learning Mandarin were able to practice their language skills with the visiting students. Barton’s International Academy students attended a basketball game at North Canyon High School, as well as an evening event at Vista Verde Middle School. In addition, seven Chinese elementary students  accompanied fourth graders at Whispering Wind Academy to the State Capitol Museum.

At the selected schools, each Chinese student was paired with student ambassadors to make the visit easier and the Chinese students shadowed the American students that they were paired with and followed their schedules.

Through their interactions, students at Whispering Wind Academy have learned that the Chinese students work faster in math and have a different work ethic in class. The Chinese students observed that American teachers and students are more friendly and accommodating.

The primary goal of the partnership with Barton’s International Academy is to improve cultural understanding for all students involved, which supports the district's mission to cultivate world-class thinkers.