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Chromebook Guidelines for Parents and Students

Sunrise Middle School is excited to provide each student a chromebook for their use and looks forward to seeing the many ways teachers and students will use this learning tool to complete school assignments and homework. The chromebooks should be  transported in a safe bag that protects it from droppage. Sunrise does not provide a bag for students.  The chromebooks will go home every night. Students will be asked to charge the chromebooks each night so they are ready for learning the next morning. Students will be instructed in the care of the chromebook as explained below.

The chromebook and all of its components are the property of Sunrise Middle School. If the chromebook is lost, stolen, neglected, intentionally damaged, or damaged as the result of horseplay, please report those incidents immediately. The cause of the damage will be determined by a Sunrise administrator. If Sunrise determines the incident is the result of an accident, all repairs will be completed at no cost. All other incidents, including habitual accidents, will result in the student/parent paying for the cost of the repair or replacement of the chromebook.  Failure to report any incident within two school days will result in the student/parent being responsible for the cost of all repairs or replacement. Sunrise reserves the right to inspect chromebooks at any time.


Does Sunrise cover all repairs for my student chromebook?

If a repair is needed and a Sunrise administrator determines it to be an accident, Sunrise will cover all costs.

Sunrise does not cover repairs or replacement if the chromebook and/or its components are lost, stolen, habitually mistreated, or intentionally damaged. In these cases, the student/parent is responsible for replacement or repair.

Does Sunrise provide insurance for the chromebooks?

No. Sunrise will cover the costs of repair for accidents. Incidents described as loss, theft, habitual mistreatment, intentional damage, negligence, or horseplay are the responsibility of the student/parent. If families are interested, some homeowner’s insurance policies may allow you to purchase a rider on your policy for the chromebook. Check your homeowner’s policy to see if that is possible.

How much does it cost to replace a lost/stolen chromebook?

Chromebooks cost $250 for middle school.  Power Adapters cost $25.

Caring for Your Chromebook

General Care:

  • Transport the chromebook in a safe bag such as the padded areas in a backpack.  
  • Do not attempt to repair the chromebook; Sunrise has trained technicians for this purpose.
  • A chromebook in need of repair will be reported to a teacher or Sunrise tech staff [computer specialist] in the building.
  • Students are issued a “loaner” chromebook for use during repair. Loaner may not have all capabilities.
  • Policies outlined in this document also apply to loaner chromebooks.
  • Parents/guardians should monitor your student’s Internet and chromebook activities.
  • Parents/guardians must review this Technology Use Guide and the Sunrise Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) found in the STUDENT HANDBOOK with your student; both may be found on the Sunrise website.
  • Student use of the chromebook, Internet, and programs must comply with school and district policies including the AUP and Handbook policies.
  • Students should not loan their chromebook or chromebook charging adaptor to anyone.
  • If technical issues arise, please notify your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
  • If the chromebook fails, a loaner will be provided as soon as possible.
  • Under no circumstances (except in emergencies, drills) may a chromebook be left in unsupervised areas. These areas include and are not excluded to the school grounds and campus, cafeteria, gym, library, unlocked classrooms, or hallways.

Laptop Care and Maintenance:

  • Please only use the ACER power adapter and battery provided with the chromebook. No other adapter or battery should be used.
  • Chromebooks must be transported in a case designed for a chromebook or other padded device to protect the chromebook.
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of the chromebook whether it is inside or outside of the bag.
  • Keep food, liquids, or other substances that could result in damage away from the chromebook.
  • Identification for the chromebook and charging adaptor will be provided; refrain from personalizing the chromebook using markers, stickers, etc.
  • To prevent damage, chromebooks need to be either shut down or put in sleep mode when not in use.
  • Never leave a chromebook unattended including on the floor where it could be stepped on.
  • The chromebook lid should be closed while carrying it. Chromebooks should never be held or carried by the screen.
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (pens, pencils, paper, etc.) and take care not to touch the screen with anything (fingers, pens, pencils, etc.).
  • Exposure to direct sunlight or prolonged extreme temperatures can cause severe damage to the chromebook. Do not leave a chromebook in a car during extreme hot or cold temperatures for extended periods of time (more than an hour).
  • Never attempt to repair, reconfigure, or download a program to a chromebook.
  • Take care when inserting cords, cables and other removable storage devices to avoid damage to the chromebook ports.
  • Clean the screen, touch pad, and chromebook with a lightly dampened soft or microfiber cloth. Chemicals, cleaners, or a wet cloth are NOT approved cleaning devices.  Also, the chromebook should be turned off and unplugged during cleaning.

Other and General Use:

  • Students must log in under their school assigned username/password and will not share this information.
  • All files stored by students are subject for review.
  • Each computer is assigned to an individual student.
  • Students should never share their computer with another student.
  • Chromebooks will be left at school for the summer so they may be prepared for the next school year.