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Whispering Wind S.T.E.M. Program

STEM education at Whispering Wind Academy consists of students in grades K through 6 experiencing STEM not only in their classrooms but they additionally attend a specialized STEM Lab environment. The STEM Lab, utilizing NGSS framework, is a project/problem-based program that is a hands-on integration of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math. Examples of some of the experiences:

  • K- Construction of Insects, Construction of Hamster Habitats using Geometric 3D shapes
  • 1st- Experimentation with Light and Color
  • 2nd- Concepts of Sink and Float, Engineering of Straw Boats
  • 3rd- Development and Construction of Mechanical Hand, Concepts of Magnetism, Engineering of Magnetically Powered Boats
  • 4th- Engineering of Hydraulically Powered Drawbridges, Electricity and Engineering of Lighthouses
  • 5th- Engineering of Hydraulically Powered JudoBots, Engineering of Balloon powered Cars, Concepts of Simple Machines
  • 6th- Engineering of Hydraulically Powered Superheroes and Animals as well as Lego Robotics  

From Mrs. Roberts, the STEM Educator, “I have a commitment to make my STEM practices relevant and rigorous by exploiting the natural inquisitiveness of the child’s mind.  Students need to be empowered with the skills necessary for success in their future Projects within the STEM Lab require the students to cooperate and collaborate, and think critically, which helps to prepare them for the real world environment.”