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A Make Your Day School

No one has the right to interfere with the learning or safety of others.

“Do what is expected and do it the best that you can.”

Make Your Day is based on the premise that every person within the school environment has the right to complete his or her responsibilities without interference from others. From a student's point of view, this means that they can expect a physically and emotionally safe school environment that is enhanced by a focus on learning. In order to evaluate if a student is "doing what is expected and doing it the best that they can," they are provided with the opportunity to be involved in a self-peer-teacher evaluation of their efforts on an hourly basis, which is given substance by the earning of "points." The emphasis in this phase is on self-evaluation — the ability to review one's personal effort in order to make a determination as to whether the classroom expectations were fulfilled to the best of his/her ability. A consistent routine based on clear expectations supports the student and his/her ability to accurately reflect and report on his/her performance.

Sandpiper complements MYD was a character/citizenship program. Our character education is a framework based on the values we consider critical to the development of ethical and productive citizens:

  • responsibility
  • caring
  • cooperation
  • self-control
  • respect
  • honesty

Lessons, discussions, and recognition opportunities help students explore these traits and make them a part of their lives. We celebrate success stories in a variety of ways, including presentations on our video announcements and our character tree.

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