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Parents Love Quail Run!

In the 2015-16 Parent Satisfaction Survey, parents were overwhelmingly pleased with Quail Run…

  • 95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that they received good customer service
  • 94% of respondents believed classroom activities at Quail Run are relevant and engaging, and
  • 94% believed the academic standards are appropriate for the grade level.

What parents say*

“The IB curriculum is great and I love the opportunities it creates for children in gaining a broad perspective in many areas.”

“I love this school! Everything they do is very engaging for students and parents.”

“My child transferred to Quail Run this academic year from a small private school and I was amazed at how quickly he became comfortable with the environment. I am impressed with this school.”

“I chose Quail Run when I moved to Arizona from another state. I like their academics and engagement with the students.”


*Responses to Q15 in the 2015-16 PVSchools Parent Satisfaction Survey. Answers may have been edited for grammar and clarity.