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Nancy Rhodes Rodel Exemplary Teacher

Nancy Rhodes Rodel Exemplary Teacher Congratulations goes to Nancy Rhodes Francque, a sixth grade special education teacher from Palomino Intermediate Elementary School who has been named a 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teacher.

The Rodel Exemplary Teacher Initiatives honors extraordinary teachers and asks that they each mentor high-potential student teachers.

What sets the Rodel Teacher Initiative apart from typical student teaching programs is that mentor teachers are selected based on their outstanding student achievement in high-need schools, their ability to mentor new teachers, and the recommendation of their principals and Rodel's observation team. This ensures that student teachers are learning from the best. In addition, Rodel provides further training and support to both mentors and student teachers to assure Rodel Graduates start their careers as outstanding educators.

Nancy was one of 12 outstanding Arizona educators to be named Exemplary Teachers and interestingly, she too was mentored by a Rodel Exemplary Teacher.

"My mentor, Rodel Exemplary Teacher Tipton Coffman, taught me that it is not only acceptable but critical to be passionate about my students. I must show each student on a daily basis, how proud I am of their achievements, that I have invested in their success, and that I truly care about each one of them as individuals," said Nancy in her profile on the Rodel site.