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Parents love Eagle Ridge

In the 2014-15 Parent Satisfaction survey, parents were overwhelmingly pleased with Eagle Ridge Elementary…

  • 98% of parents said their child feels safe at Eagle Ridge
  • 94% said classroom activities at Eagle Ridge are relevant and engaging
  • 94% said they receive good customer service at Eagle Ridge
  • 92% of respondents believe academic expectations are appropriate for the grade level

What parents say about Eagle Ridge*

“The teachers at Eagle Ridge are outstanding. It is evident that the know their content and enjoy children. I want to thank them for all that they do.”

“I think (they) are doing an amazing job with all that is expected of you and the wide range of people with whom you deal with. We are very thankful for Eagle Ridge Elementary School!”

“The teachers and staff are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I have never encountered a better school!”

*Responses to Q. 15, 2014-15 Parent Satisfaction Survey