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Self-contained Gifted Program at Sonoran Sky

The PV Schools Self-contained Gifted Program, located at Sonoran Sky serves highly and profoundly gifted students in grades 1-6.

The Self-Contained Gifted Program is designed for high-achieving, highly-gifted students
whose needs may not be met by regular gifted programs. Students in the program work
two or more years beyond grade level with intellectual peers. They participate in special
areas such as PE and the arts, and are included in all grade-level activities and field trips.

To qualify for the self-contained gifted program students must have an IQ of 140+ or gifted
test scores of 97+ in two of the three areas: verbal, quantitative, or non-verbal, with the third
score being 90 or higher. Preferably verbal and quantitative scores will be 97-99 percent.

For more information, please contact PVSchools Gifted Education or call 602.449.2113