• Instruction at Palomino Primary

    Palomino Primary sets high standards for our students' academic achievement. We close the achievement gap and challenge and equip our students for continued success. We nurture lifelong learning.

    Curriculum and Instruction

    Always with an eye on state and national standards, Palomino Primary uses the following adopted curriculum materials in the classroom. Excellent materials and resources in their own right, they are carefully supplemented with hands-on cooperative learning projects and activities based in a constructivist approach to data-driven instruction. 
    Paradise Valley Unified School District Is committed to providing EVERY child at EVERY school an enriched education that included weekly classes in: 
     Our School is equipped with
    • 3 computer labs (32 desktop computers)
    • 3 iPad carts (32 iPads each)
    • 2 laptop carts (24 laptops each)
    • 8 Chromebooks per regular classroom 2nd - 6th Grade
    • 6 iPads per regular classroom Kindergarten and First Grade
    • 1 laptop and iPad per K-6 teacher