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Volunteers are always welcome and valued. It's not just individuals who can volunteer -- groups and area businesses can play an important role in supporting our school communities. Download the Volunteer Handbook from this page. English / Spanish Handbook  When you are ready to get started, contact the Aire Libre front office.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Classroom instructional volunteer
  • Classroom assistance volunteer
  • Clerical assistance
  • Health office assistant
  • Library / Media Center volunteer

United Parent Council / PTOs

Get involved in the parent-teacher organization at your school. The district works closely with United Parent Council, a coalition of all PTOs district-wide that has regular dialog with governing board members and the superintendent. 


Volunteer in Paradise 

The Volunteer in Paradise program is a unique program that matches community volunteers - those who do not have a child in one of our schools - with a participating VIP school. Visit the VIP page.

School chaperones

School chaperones perform an invaluable service, providing for the safety of students attending events and on field trips. Any individual such as a parent, step-parent, legal guardian, grandparent or relative is eligible to be a school chaperone after a background screening. Chaperones will be fingerprinted and must agree to a background check. For details see the Volunteer Handbook.