COMPASS at Wildfire Elementary School

COMPASS stands for Centered on Measures Positioning All Students For Success. It’s a goal we achieve through strategies focused on learning and equity.


Our learning goals are achieved through a framework designed by our stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence, and the development of procedures that help our students obtain real-world learning experiences.

The COMPASS Strategic Plan is comprise of three Learning Goal Objectives

Objective 1: Provide a framework of professional learning designed by stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence.

We achieve this goal through a collaborative effort to develop a professional learning plan. Our teachers receive professional development to learn how to better analyze student data, and use the information to drive their instruction during the Professional Learning Community process.

Objective 2: Develop various pathways and procedures to enable each student to have access to authentic, real-world learning experiences across the curriculum.

We strive to achieve this goal by documenting the real world learning experiences available to every student, a completing a usage audit on district-adapted curricula. We measure student enrollment in courses/programs characterized by the application of skills.

Objective 3: Provide a rigorous Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) through focused professional development, effective differentiated instruction, and strategic assessments.

We collect usage data of benchmark assessments, implement number talks and consensus boards and provide training to new staff members, gather a list of offerings associated with GVC, provide TES measurement of differentiated instructional strategies, and conduct an annual parent satisfaction survey.


Our equity objective is to develop cultural competence throughout our district, and ensure the success of our students through the development of relationships that support their social, emotional, and academic needs. To do so, we must also eliminate barriers to participation in all of our school programs.