Paradise Valley Unified School District has established the following guidelines for transporting students to and from school.

In general, children in kindergarten living one-half mile or more from school and children in first through sixth grades living one mile or more from school, are entitled to bus transportation.  Parents of open enrollment students (students attending a school other than the school in their attendance area) are responsible for providing their own transportation.

Each child shall be at his/her assigned bus stop and wait until the bus makes a full stop before approaching it.  The bus will not wait for tardy students.  Students waiting for a bus are to stay off the road, and should wait on the sidewalk until the bus arrives.  Any student who is required to cross the street must cross in front of the bus after all vehicles have come to a stop.

The bus driver shares the mutual interest of parent and teacher for the safety of the child.  Students should understand that riding privileges can be withdrawn if order and conduct is unruly.  Children should be taught to respect the driver and to follow his/her directions.

Students jeopardizing safety of others will be disciplined up to/including loss of bus privilege.

Under state law, no animals or glass objects are allowed on buses. The following bus rules are posted on every bus.

Don't Lose Your Bus Riding Privilege!


Violations may result in loss of bus privileges.

  • Obey the bus driver's instructions and directions.
  • Bus aisles/emergency exits shall remain clear of all objects.
  • Stay properly seated with your back against the seat back, your legs facing forward, and all parts of your body out of the aisle.
  • Keep head, hands, feet, and objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  • Talk quietly, use respectful language - no profanity.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus (water in plastic bottles is acceptable).
  • Animals, insects, skateboards, glass containers, weapons/dangerous instruments, tobacco,  alcohol, or drugs are not permitted.
  • No students has the right to interfere with the safety, well-being, or learning of others.

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