mr brownlie

Mr. Brownlie

Education: Degree, College: Masters in Educational Leadership & Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education 

Started in Education: 2002

Became a Principal: 2011

Interview with Mr. Brownlie:

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is getting to work with students on a daily basis in a variety of settings; the classroom, playground, cafeteria and possibly additional areas. As part of that work, I get the opportunity to work closely with teachers and parents to help make the difference in every child’s life. 

What important message do you want all your students to know?

My message started on the first day as a Principal and will continue to be that we are preparing each and every child for the University Level and beyond. We have high expectations and aspirations for our students, we want each and every student to fulfill their maximum potential.

If you had one message for parents, what would it be?

Learning has changed so much in the short time I have been in education, we need to work together in a partnership to help each child reach the goals we both set out for students. As you listen to and speak with your child, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Teachers or me to help get the support you need to help your child be successful. 

Administrative Staff

Whispering Wind Administrative Staff Contact Information 

Our knowledgeable, professional, and caring administrative staff is dedicated to providing a easy and secure communication link between home and school. 

Johnny Brownlie, Principal: (602) 449-7302email
Vicky Raymond, Assistant Principal: (602) 449-7300, email
Jacqueline Ingram, Administrative Assistant: (602) 449-7302, email
Terri Wagner, Records Secretary: (602) 449-7300, email

Attendance line: (602) 449-7301