Whispering Wind Academy Behavior Approach

We believe in a very systematic approach to discipline, providing every student the ability to change and learn from their behavior.  In that approach we have a heavy emphasis on the home/school partnership when students need continual support.  Using this pyramid approach allows all stakeholders to see the broad base support that we provide to all students whether their behaviors are positive or negative.  We feel that although a young person may make some poor choices, it is important for us to frame those decisions as choices and guide that person to make a better choice in the future.

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)


WWA uses a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum called PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies).  PATHS is used in all classrooms at WWA to help children resolve conflicts peacefully, handle emotions positively, empathize, and make responsible decisions. Common terms that are used school wide are “PATHS Kid of the Day”, Twiggle the Turtle (Kindergarten & 1st ), “Turtling” (Kindergarten &1st), Control Signals (2-4) and the Problem Solving skills. PATHS starts the development of students discovering appropriate behavior as a result of better understanding themselves and others and how peaceful relationships work.

Classroom Management System

From 1st to 6th grade classroom behaviors are managed through the use of a “clip chart” system.  Students can move up and down the the chart based on behavior choices that are made throughout the day.  The use of a “Behavior Ticket” is used as a communication tool between the teacher and parent.  A “Behavior Ticket” is written when a student is having a difficult day managing within the classroom and school expectations.  It is a useful tool for parents to positively talk with their student about their choices  and to help them understand and teach an alternative for success. Students who have managed well during the day will get a notice home in their take home folder or planner indicating a positive day..  For students in Kindergarten a “Stoplight” management system is used. For these students who are just learning to read, the stoplight system works well because of it’s simplicity.

Positive Behavior is a main focus at WWA. School wide participation in noticing students’ positive and expected behavior is recognized by all staff through Silver Eagles and Golden Eagles and the classroom management system.  Silver Eagles are awarded to students who are demonstrating the expected behavior not only in class but throughout the school. Golden Eagles are awarded to student to demonstrate above and beyond behavior.  

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