Bullying Prevention


No Hate

Anonymous tips

The district has taken steps to protect students from potential dangers by partnering with the website Anonymous Tips. Students or parents can anonymously report any dangers or issues to administrators who can help.

Behavior Programs:

Expected Behavior:

  • Positive Experiences for A Positive Learning Environment.

  • Everyone must respect the learning and safety of others!

Code of Conduct

Vista Verde Discipline Philosophy

To develop an integrated school discipline program which will endure consistency for all teachers and students. 
ABC Discipline 

Vista Verde ABC Management Discipline Program will:

  • Induce student accountability.

  • Increase student responsibility.

  • Reduce classroom disruptions.

  • Build mutual teacher and student respect.

  • Provide a happier, positive, and more productive classroom environment.

  • Improve student performance.

  • Provide consistent guidelines and consequences.

  • Increase parental support.

  • Reduce racial and ethnic tensions.

ABC Plan

Action 1:

  • Isolation (Student is isolated within the classroom to reflect on behavior.)

  • Buddy Removal (Student sent to buddy teacher; Buddy Form is used; Action 1 Notification Form is optional)

Action 2:

  • Isolation

  • Buddy Removal (Student sent to buddy teacher; Buddy Form is used; phone call home to parent is mandatory; Action 2 Notification is sent home with student.)

Action 3:

  • Isolation

  • SAC (Student Assistance Center) Student is sent to the SAC with the buddy Form filled out for three buddy teacher removals.

When the student is sent to the SAC room for the 1st time, a behavior management form will be filled out. Upon successful completion, the parent will be called and an attempt will be made to have the parent come in for the SAC conference before school, after school, or during the teacher’s prep. If this is done, the teacher will be notified of the time of the meeting. If this is not possible, the conference will have to be held upon the arrival of the parent. 

When the student is sent to the SAC room for the 1st time they will be removed from that class or block only until a parent conference is held. If a conference is not held within 2 days, the student will be suspended until the conference is held. 

When a student is SAC’d for a second time they will be receive in-school suspension until the parent comes in and meets with an administrator.

Action 4 (and every action thereafter):

  • Isolation

  • Referral to the office. (The Behavior Management Actions start over at the semester)