Vista Verde Emergency Preparedness

Each school in the district has an Emergency Response Plan that is reviewed and updated annually by the school Emergency Response Team.

When, How Lockdowns Occur: What Parents Should Do 

The safety and security of our students is our highest priority. Our school and the school district regularly plan and practice to ensure we are prepared for emergencies. Visit the Vista Verde Lockdown page to learn about the procedures we will follow to protect our students during an emergency.

School Resource Officers 

SRO (School Resource Officer)

Vista Verde is fortunate to have a uniformed School Resource Officer on campus daily. The officer’s main function at school is to provide a minimum of 180 hours of law related education to our students. Topics include: drug awareness and prevention, internet safety, dating violence, bullying, and juvenile law. The SRO processes crimes committed on school grounds and acts as a liaison between the Phoenix Police Department and the community.


Vista Verde’s campus is closed during the school day. All visitors must report through the front office. The lobby area is closed and secured and entrants must past through a security door to gain entrance on to the campus. VVMS employs 3 full-time duty aides to assist administration in campus security. Vista Verde also has the privilege of having a School Resource Officer from the Phoenix Police Department on campus daily.

Student IDs

Students are provided ID badges and are expected to possess them at all times. Lost or stolen badges may be replaced for a $5.00 fee.

Review PVSchools' District Emergency Preparedness Plan


All visitors must check in at the front desk.  No student may have a visitor on campus during class hours unless approval by the administration. 

Visiting Teachers

Visiting teachers are guest in our school. Students are expected to show them the same respect as they would any adult on campus. A student who misbehaves for the visiting teacher will receive a conduct referral to the SAC room for the remainder of the class period. There may be further consequences from the regular teacher upon their return.