Learning Objectives

  1. Provide a framework of professional learning designed by stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence.

Learning Objective #1 Strategy:

VVMS will collaboratively develop a professional learning plan that will include WICOR strategies taught school wide.

Learning Objective #1 Metrics:

  • Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI)

  • AVID Site Team Data

Learning Objective #2 Strategy:

Develop various pathways and procedures to enable each student to have access to have authentic, real-world learning experiences across the curriculum and grade span.

Learning Goal #2 Metrics:

  • VVMS will document the authentic/real world learning experiences available to every student.  

  • Recycling school-wide initiative which includes the MYP students and the Leadership students.

  • PLC team minutes will be collected reflecting real-world learning experiences.

  • AVID students take the SAT and ACT tests

  • ELA will use AVID writing strategies

  • MYP rubrics will be used to assess writing, science and technology assignments

  • Speak-Up Survey

  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

Learning Goal #3: Strategy:

Provide a rigorous Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) through focused professional development, effective differentiated instruction, and strategic assessments.

Learning Goal #3 Metrics:

Schools with implement GVC framework in math and English Language Arts

  • VVMS math teachers are attending two professional development meetings for implementing GVC.

  • VVMS math/ELA teachers are using the GVC Unit Overview provided by the curriculum department and giving feedback after each unit.

  • VVMS math/ELA teachers are meeting in PLCs and during prep periods to ensure entire department is unified in implementing the GVC.

Collect usage data using benchmarks.

  • Math teachers are using School City to collect data.

  • VVMS math/ELA teachers are also using CFAs for unit tests to guide instruction and allow for conversations at PLCs and meetings during our prep periods to improve instruction and learning across the entire grade level.

TES measurement of differentiated instructional strategies (WICOR).

  • Math/ELA teachers are using WICOR strategies during lessons to ensure a variety of instructional strategies and will collect evidence of WICOR strategies being used: lesson plans, student examples, and/or pictures of the activity.

  • Math/ELA teachers are asking students to identify which WICOR strategies have been used in different activities/assignments in the mathematics classroom.

  • Teachers are writing and verbally stating Essential Questions at the beginning of the lesson to help the students to connect to the content to be taught.

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Collect usage data of benchmark assessments.

TES measurement of differentiated instructional strategies.

AVID Walk-through forms