Bus Stop Information

Students who attend Sweetwater Community School come from all over our district. The District provides transportation to those students who attend school during the day. Night school students are responsible for their own transportation.

If a student qualifies to ride the school bus, upon registration a request is sent to our Transportation Department. They will contact us when a bus stop has been assigned. It may take several days for this to occur so parents will need to make their own transportation arrangements in the meantime.

Sweetwater is located very close to Paradise Valley Mall and the City of Phoenix has a bus stop hub located within walking distance.

If you have any questions regarding transportation for your student, please contact our registrar at Sweetwater at 602.449.2300.

Bus Passes

Bus passes for students who request to ride a different bus other than the one they are assigned to will be approved on a limited basis. Parents of the student requesting the pass will be contacted to confirm the change. Students will need to bring a signed parent note to the front office prior to the start of the school day.