Emergency planning by our school and the school district

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The safety and security of our students is our highest priority. Our school and the school district regularly plan and practice to ensure we are prepared for emergencies. This letter will inform you of some of the procedures we will follow to protect our students during an emergency.

What happens during an emergency?

During an emergency school administrators will secure the campus in what is called a lockdown. Classroom doors are locked, gates to the campus are closed and locked, and no one is permitted to enter or exit the campus until school administrators give the all-clear signal. If there is an immediate danger, teachers will stop lessons, closed window blinds, turn off lights, and direct students to the most secure area of the classroom or building. School personnel work closely with public safety officials during emergencies.

Students may be kept on campus. In the event of a chemical spill or other immediate danger to health and safety, public safety officers may direct the school to keep students on campus, even after school hours, until the all-clear signal is given.

  • If such an emergency occurs, students will be released only to an adult who has been identified as a parent, guardian or emergency contact on your student’s Emergency Card. It is important that you complete this card at the beginning of every school year and update it is as needed.
  • The school district is prepared to provide food, water, and the medications listed on your child’s School Year Medication Record to your child if we are directed to hold students on campus.

Students may be relocated off campus. An emergency situation may require students to be relocated to a location different from their home school. The five district high schools serve as relocation sites for all schools. Updated information by telephone dialer, email, and text messaging will apprise parents of the relocation site.

What to do if your child is kept on campus during an emergency.

  1. To keep phone lines free for emergency use, do not call the school. Information will be provided on the pvschools.net website, by telephone dialers, email or possibly text message, and through the news media. This will include information on when and where to pick up your student.
  2. If you speak with your student on a cell phone remind them of the importance of following the directions of their teachers and public safety officials.

I strongly encourage you to check and update your student’s Emergency Card and School Year Medication Record with a list of authorized contacts, health conditions, and medications needed. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns about our emergency plans or procedures.


Diane Silvestri, Principal


PVSchools Emergency Response Information

The Paradise Valley Unified School District's emergency response page provides our parents with information on how we are keeping our students safe and secure. You will find a summary of our district's plan, parent training and tabletop exercises, as well as, parent resources.
Please take a few minutes and review the information.