Behavior Expectations

Sweetwater Knights Expectations:

  • Students will wear school ID at all times.

  • Students will turn off cellphones during class time.

  • Students will use school-approved websites.

  • Students will leave all food and drinks in the cafeteria.  Bottled water is acceptable.

  • Students will keep backpacks and large purses at home.

The Paradise Valley Unified School District's Parent Student Handbook is available online for your convenience.  Please read the parent-student handbook with your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our front office at 602-449-2300.  

Safe and Secure Campus

Sweetwater Community School works hard to maintain a safe and secure campus for both our students and staff. Therefore, we do not allow shadowing on campus. Our parents, as always, are welcomed and encouraged to be involved in our school and their student's education.

All visitors must check into the front office and put on a badge prior to coming on campus.

Student Identification Badges

All Paradise Valley Unified School District high school students and staff will be provided school identification (ID).  They are required to wear them at all times on a breakaway lanyard, and the ID must be easily seen.