Alternative Academic Approach to Earning Credit for Students in Grades 9-12

Earning credits at Sweetwater is based on the completion of course standards and not “seat time.” Teachers will identify the standards required in a specific course of study and students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of all course competencies/standards before credit is earned. Some students are able to complete a half-credit in a nine-week course, while others can earn more or less credit depending on their work habits.

We believe that life is not a race, only a process. Earning credit toward a high school diploma should be designed as an individualized learning plan. Counselors, staff members, and administrators may be consulted at any time to create, clarify or modify an individual learning plan.

Transcript Evaluation

Transcripts of new students will be evaluated according to AdvancEd standards and credits will be entered on the permanent record. Transfer students whose transcripts indicate courses which received less than one-half credit per semester may be awarded the extra credit if the sending school verifies that the course met standards for a Carnegie unit. In such cases, the credit will be entered on the permanent record as it appears on the transcript. An asterisk (*) will be placed beside the credit in question and a note will appear on the record stating, “The credit required for graduation has been altered for this student by the given amount of credit."

Free Resources for Online Student Tutoring

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