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Student Support Staff

Frances Suncais Da Cruz- School Psychologist
Ms. Maribeth Koon - Counselor
Ms. Nancy Piciucco - Counselor
Mr. Benjamin Cresswell -  Dean of Attendance

Grades 6-8

Ms. Jorjann Miller - English and Social Studies
Mr. Kenneth Steimle - Math and Science 


Ms. Mary Murphy-Tick - Night HS
Ms. Joan Hasenohrl 
Ms. Courtney Thompson - Night HS
Ms. Dorothy Westreich

Fine Arts


Julie Owens

Social Studies

Mr. Eric Rosenberg - Online social studies  


Ms. Debra Callies - Day and Night HS

Physical Education/Lifetime Sports

Mr. Martin Kelley - Night
Eric Weidemann

ELD, Teacher Directed and Online English

Ms. Joan Hasenohrl

Reference Skills