David Franks

David FranksSunset Canyon Elementary

Education: Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision, Arizona State; Post-baccalaureate in Elementary Education, Arizona State; Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Arizona

Started in education: 2003

Became a principal: 2012

Started at current school: 2012

Started with district: 2003

What is the best part of your job?

By far, the best part of my job is assisting with students’ learning.  In an elementary school, lessons are being learned in every setting, all the time.  Whether it’s in the classroom, in the cafeteria or on the playground, students are always acquiring and honing their skills, both academic and social.  I love helping to facilitate this process.

What important message do you want all your students to know?

Attitude is everything.  Students must believe they can accomplish their goals with perseverance and hard work.  A positive, can-do attitude is an essential element to achieving success.

Who inspired you to become an educator?

I am a third generation educator so I’d have to say my mother and my grandparents (both teachers) are my inspiration.  While I didn’t start off in the field of education, my mom was right when she said I wouldn’t be able to stay away.  I am extremely grateful I found my way to this profession; it is so rewarding.