Digital Learning Center

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Digital Learning Center (DLC) provides students with an interdisciplinary, project-based learning environment that embodies 21st Century learning. Science (8th), social studies (7th), and literature are combined within the DLC, allowing for a unique problem-based learning environment. This cross-curricular exploration will take students through the 7th and 8th grade standards with built-in continuity, leading to a culminating project that explores how science, history, and the learner fit into this world.

Program Objective. A project-based learning environment that embodies 21st century learning through ubiquitous technology, featuring literature integration within the content area. The program, based on innovative instructional practices for authentic learning, incorporates and features:

Teaching that is student centered with the instructor acting as a resource and guide.

Integration of core academic coursework & standards through thematic relationships and dichotomies.

Inquiry and project-based learning for exploring themes.

Extensive collaboration for student produced outcomes.

A global perspective that cultivates 21st century learners.