Comprehensive Elective Offerings

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Students at Sunrise Middle School have a variety of education paths to choose from whatever their journey.

Elective choices at Sunrise include:

Yearbook: This course creates the Sunrise yearbook which is produced online utilizing desktop publishing and photography software. Positions are available for production and photography staff.

Computer Applications: This course explores different computer applications where students are introduced to web page design, movie making, photography, music applications, and multimedia and graphic design. There is no homework for this course.

Culinary Arts and Careers: This course provides instruction in basic kitchen safety, proper use of equipment, basic cooking skills, and table manners. It also covers nutrition, management skills, career exploration, and job-related skills.

GenYes: This is a national program that teaches technology through hands on practical use and implementation of technology throughout the school. Students work and collaborate with teachers to incorporate technology into classroom instruction and offer technical support to school staff. Instruction and supervision is provided by the Library Media Specialist.

Spanish 1-2: This course is an accelerated and academically focused and designed for students who desire to be proficient in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Spanish. Upon completion of this course with a “C” or better and teacher recommendation, the student will be placed in Spanish 3-4 for freshman year at high school.

Spanish 3-4: This course has greater emphasis on oral and written comprehension through daily conversations and oral work in class and assigned written work on dialogues and short stories. Students continue their study of the history, geography and culture of Spanish speaking people and countries. This course is open to students who meet specific placement criteria. This course is taken at Horizon High School and students are responsible for their own transportation to Horizon.

For the full range of electives available, please contact us.