All PVSchools volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration and Application form before he/she begins work. (This includes parent volunteers.) This information is especially important should you become ill or involved in an accident while volunteering.
Please be aware of our district volunteer policies and the other information, which is included in the PVUSD Volunteer Handbook. Handbooks can be obtained at the school office or department where you wish to volunteer. Visit the District site for more information

Volunteers should read the handbook carefully before signing the Volunteer Service Agreement. 
After completing the forms, return them to the school administrative assistant or department where it will be kept on file for the remainder of the school year. A Volunteer Packet must be filled out each year.

In accordance with the district policy, new volunteers who do not have a child in the school where they will be working must be screened by Human Resources Department before beginning work. Non-parent volunteers should complete a Volunteer Packet before he/she begins work. After completing this paperwork, return it to the school secretary. The school will submit a Personnel Action Form, which includes the volunteer's phone number, to the Human Resources Department. Human Resources will contact him/her to make arrangements for processing paperwork and fingerprinting. The volunteer is not charged fingerprinting fees.

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Visit the District site for more information on Tax Credit Donations.

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