Robert Dawson - Principal Sonoran Sky Elementary School

Robert Dawson, Principal

Sonoran Sky Elementary School

Mr. Dawson began his career with the PVSchools District in 1999 with an M.A. from Grand Canyon University and an M.ED from Northern Arizona University. Mr. Dawson has been at Sonoran Sky since 2012 and became the principal in 2013.

What is the best part of your job?

I really enjoy spending time in classrooms and being able to see all the fun and exciting lessons and activities that our students participate in. It is so exciting to be able to witness learning in action. Spending time with students and getting to know more about them and what they like to do or where they went on vacation with their families is something I look forward to every day.

What do you do to make your school a safe and caring environment?

I do my best to promote a feeling of safety and community on our campus. I try to be available and visible whenever possible – before school, after school and throughout the day. This allows me to have conversations and really get a good feeling for what is happening on our campus.

Student safety is our number one priority. Our policies and procedures are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure we are doing the best job we can. We will never stop aiming high in our pursuit of a safe and positive school environment.

What do you believe is the key to improving student achievement?

I believe the key to improving student achievement really begins with understanding what the individual student needs are. Assessing where a student is and where they need to be is where good teaching starts. Our teachers excel at understanding individual learning needs and meeting them through a variety of diverse methods and strategies.

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