Learning Goal Objective 1

Provide a framework of professional learning designed by stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence.

School Strategies

  • Design a PD plan specific to our school's needs
  • Focus on understanding the implementation of ILLP, IEP, and 504 accommodations

Learning Goal Objective 2

Develop various pathways and procedures to enable each student to have access to have authentic, real-world learning experiences across the curriculum and grade span.

School Strategies

  • Ensure that all our students are included in the activities and programming we offer during and outside the school day
  • Ensure students are not excluded from education experiences due to behavior issues or financial need

Learning Goal Objective 3

Provide a rigorous Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) through focused professional development, effective differentiated instruction, and strategic assessments.

School Strategies

  • Utilize Google Team Drives to house, evaluate and share grade level CFAs and assessment data
  • Utilize drives during PLCs to facilitate discussion on how best to differentiate instruction and use of best practices in our classrooms