Equity Goal Objective 1

Develop relationships that support and foster social, emotional, and academic needs to ensure individual student success.

School Strategies

  • Implement various strategies to increase school spirit and provide a feeling of involvement and inclusion for everyone on our campus
  • Implement addition spirit signage, Friday spirit wear days, grade level rewards for academic milestones (AR, Math Facts…)
  • Promote common language in regards to school spirit on campus

Equity Goal Objective 2

Create procedures to eliminate barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high quality curricular and extracurricular programs.

School Strategies

  • Work as a Facilitator Committee to identify areas where this may be a concern
  • Develop procedures to mitigate or eliminate the concern in identified areas

Equity Goal Objective 3

To develop cultural competence within PVSchools that results in equity for students.

School Strategies

  • Identify specific ways that we promote cultural competence on campus through School Council and Culture Committee.
  • Identify these areas and look for areas where we can grow or add additional strategies.