1. Develop relationships that support and foster social, emotional, and academic needs to ensure individual student success.

Equity Goal #1 Metrics:

  • DELTA Survey
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey
  • Arizona Youth Survey


  • Shea staff is dedicated to being a school-wide AVID campus, giving each student strategies for success and a high quality education.
  • The Shea guidance counselor and social worker provide social, emotional, and academic support to all students.
  • The Intervention and Enrichment program at Shea supports at risk students.
  • PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention System, will be implemented with the goal of improving school climate and culture.
  • Law Related Education classes are conducted by our SRO, who also develops positive relationships with the students.
  • Shea has a character education program where new positive character traits are shared and discussed school-wide.

2. Create procedures to eliminate barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high quality curricular and extracurricular programs.

Equity Goal #2 Metrics:

  • Participation data
  • All schools utilize the DELTA Framework
  • DELTA Survey
  • Resource/program analysis


  • Students in the AVID program, who are largely under-represented, have access to honors classes and are encouraged to outperform any limited expectations.
  • Shea works with our feeder schools to encourage placement in honors classes and special programs.
  • Shea teachers work to identify students who could be successful in honors classes and place them accordingly.
  • Teachers in special education and self contained programs work to identify students who are ready to mainstream.
  • Sport and club after school activities are available to all students, and those who need financial assistance are given uniforms and have fees waived.
  • Student Teacher Assistance Team (STAT) convenes to create interventions for students who need extra assistance to be successful in regular education classes.
  • Shea will communicate information to parents through email, IC, and school messenger.

3. To develop cultural competence within PVSchools that results in equity for students.

Equity Goal #3 Metrics:

  • Course offerings, descriptions, and evaluations
  • District events
  • Participation numbers
  • DELTA Survey


  • Shea staff will review equity data (discipline and enrollment in honors classes and special programs) to monitor and make decisions and changes that insure equity for all students.
  • Shea staff will cultivate learning environments which promote equity, build awareness, and encourage both input and participation from stakeholders.