Our Student Clubs and Activities offer something for every student regardless of his or her individual interests and talents.


Advancement Via Individual Determination is a college preparatory club. Our 8th grade students mentor 7th grade students. They plan fundraising for celebrations and troops as well as incorporate and perform community service projects. If you are interested in joining the AVID club, please see Mrs. Jones, or email her at kjones@pvschools.net.

Student Council

Student Council works to promote a positive relationship with the administration, faculty, staff and school committee to ensure the student body feels free to express their ideas and suggestions. If you have questions or are interested in Student Council, please see Ms. Rankin or Mr. Gleason, or send either of them an email at vrankin@pvschools.net or lgleason@pvschools.net.

Veterans Heritage Project (VHP)

VHP is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect students with veterans. Students interview veterans, then write and publish in a book honoring military veterans. If you are interested in joining the VHP club, please see Mr. Swigart, or send him an email at tswigart@pvschools.net.

Yearbook Club

Yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and express oneself creatively. Students are trained utilizing specialized yearbook computer software, and are partnered with design yearbook spreads that they can work on both in school and at home. In addition to designing pages, students cover a multitude of events throughout the course of the year, such as dances, athletic games and fundraisers. Students also assist with various other yearbook related tasks including selling yearbooks, photography, and eventually yearbook distribution to the student body. 

If you are interested in joining the yearbook club, please see Ms. Erickson or Mrs. Turley, or send either of them an email at merickson@pvschools.net or jturley@pvschools.net.

Photography Club

Photography club is a great way to express your perspective of the world around you. In this club, members will explore different types of photography and will learn how to take better quality photos. It meets after school on Wednesdays in room 801. If you are interested, contact Ms. Erickson at merickson@pvschools.net.

Do the Math!

This club meets after school on Wednesdays in room 811. If you are interested in joining the Do the Math!, please see Mr. Runyan or email him at jrunyan@pvschools.net.

Garden Club

Garden Club meets after school on Wednesdays in room 106. Students will get a chance to determine how things grow, start a vegetable garden and decide what other directions the students would like to take the club. It might be research on plant growth, beautification of the campus and offices with plants, adding more vegetable gardens or other projects they collaborate on as a group. If you are interested in joining, you can speak to or email Mrs. Mitchell at amitchell@pvschools.net.

Running Club

Running Club is for long-distance runners, and all students are welcome to join! We will be running between 2 and 4 miles a day, depending upon your fitness level. Most runs will be off campus in the nearby mountains or parks, and sometimes workouts will be on the school track. Practice times are 2:50 to 4:10 p.m. The late bus will be available for anyone who needs a ride home.