Our counselors have made it their mission to guide students on the right academic path through

  • Academic counseling
  • College and career counseling
  • Advisement Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Transcript Review
  • Registration
  • Schedules/Classes

Gayda Forrest

Gayda Forrest

Administrator Assistant 

(602) 449- 3015


Judy Birt

Judy Birt


Student Last Name


NCAA Co-Coordinator

AP Test Coordinator

ACE/HOOPS/Early College Co-Coordinator

PSAT Test Coordinator

Peer Tutor Co-Coordinator

Registration (10-12) Co-Coordinator Sophomore ECAP Coordinator

CTL Member

PLC Coordinator

College Board SSD Coordinator

Janice Coy

Janice Coy


Student Last Name


AVID Coordinator

Financial Aid Coordinator

Senior Awards Coordinator Senior

ECAP Coordinator

Peer Mediation Coordinator

Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Registration (9) Co-Coordinator

ASVAB Coordinator

Kendra Nielson

Kendra Nielsen


Student Last Name


NCAA Co-Coordinator

504 Coordinator

Registration (10-12) Co-Coordinator 

West-Mec Coordinator

CLT Member

College Night Coordinator    

IC-Scheduling/Building Coach

Junior ECAP Coordinator

Madison Night Coordinator