The following open clubs are happy to welcome all Shadow Mountain students interested in membership.

Drama Club

The Drama Club produces two main-stage shows every year. Students in the club perform as actors onstage and as technicians backstage. In addition to the shows, The Drama Club presents a nighttime cabaret and participates in Arizona State Thespian Conference.

Stage show

The Shadow Mountain Thespian Society is a group of elite actors and technicians who demonstrate the tenacity and skill needed to be inducted into the International Thespian Society. This is an honorary society similar to National Honor Society for students who excel in the theatrical arts.

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Joe Flowers



March of Dimes

March of Dimes raises money for the March of Dimes organization, which uses this money to help research/advocate for solutions to premature birth and birth defects. We carry out the Student v Faculty Game and the Mr. Shadow competition annually. In addition, several members of our club are on the state Youth Leadership Council for March of Dimes.


Sara Stevick



Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate is a club for competitive public speaking. Members perform original speeches, adapt famous works, and prepare debate cases on current events topics. There are over ten different events that allow students to achieve excellence in speaking and presentation while expressing creativity and personality.

Speech and Debate

Research shows participating in Speech and Debate correlates with improved critical thinking skills, increased problem-solving abilities, ability to think on one's feet and a higher GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

speech and debate


Brett Mallette




Every Wednesday 2:10-3:30

In Room 143

VHP: Veterans Heritage Project

The Veterans Heritage Project (VHP) is a club that builds connections with veterans that are part of Shadow Mountain Community and beyond. Club members will have the opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with service men and women about their heroic encounters while on duty protecting our country. Through these discussions students’ will gain valuable life-long lessons and skills. Members develop a passion for history, civics, and writing. They will develop a true understanding of the values and freedoms that we have through the sacrifices for those who have served our country.

Club members are tasked with many responsibilities that include the following: interviewing our heroic service men and women and composing written feature stories on the veteran experiences. The members become published authors by contributing their stories to the VHP’s annual hard-covered book entitled “Since You Ask”. Also, members will create video footage of interviews that will be submitted for permanent audio-visual archiving at the Library of Congress.


Students who join the club will not only connect with veterans but honor veterans and the work they do, preserve the American heritage, and develop the future leaders of America. These educational experiences merged with the veteran connections serves as a vehicle for student learning that gives students the motivation to stay school and start preparing for college and careers, while aiding in the healing of veterans.

Visit the Veterans Heritage Project's Website

Joe Eckardt


Paula Burr