Student life at Shadow Mountain is as busy and fulfilling as our students wish to make it. Our culture here is one of support and encouragement. We are dedicated to helping every student make the most of the time they spend in our classrooms, clubs and athletics fields.

Extracurricular activities provide your child with many benefits that will last a lifetime.

1. Academic Performance Improvement: Students who participate in extracurricular activities will their grades and outlook on school overall. When students participate in an activity they are passionate about it increases their brain function: assists them to manage their time more effectively; becoming more focused; builds stamina to face intense difficulty.

2. New Interests/Perspectives: Students who participate in several activities has an opportunity to unlock new interest or passions they never knew they had. The diversification of the student’s interests broadens their world views.

3. Higher Self-Esteem: When students achieve in activities they are passionate about they will become more confident.

4. Social Opportunities: Meeting new people who share their same interests. Expanding their social network. Productive Breaks Fun activities to do outside the normal school day.

5. Essential Life Skills: Students build life skills such as: Goal setting; Teamwork; Time Management; Prioritizing; Problem-Solving; Analytical Thinking; Leadership; and Public Speaking that prepares them for the real-world.

6. Resumes: Students are able to shows employers they have established a work ethic.

7. University Applications: When students apply to a university they want to see specific activities the student is involved in. The university is checking to see if the student has longevity, passion, and leadership skills to be the right fit on their campus.

Sports Equipment


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Clubs & Activities

Our clubs offer something for every student regardless of his or her interest.