DAAPS courses are designed to exceed the district and state curriculum requirements and challenge the advanced student. Students read, interpret, analyze and evaluate American literature and study advanced vocabulary. In writing, students master the essay structure in narrative, expository, persuasive, research, and technical writing.  Interdisciplinary courses are part of the curriculum and students focus on four areas; the critical evaluation of texts, English syntax and grammar, college level research and interdisciplinary writing.  Also included in the courses are required assignments in speaking/listening and viewing/presenting. 

Integrated with Literature, DAAPS college survey courses incorporate AP Humanities, American History, Advanced Euro and World Histories.  Student work is presented digitally with textbook and supplemental readings in the form of documents and essays.  Emphasis is placed on political history, foreign affairs, and economic and social development, including literary and cultural history.  

Students enrolled in DAAPS classes are expected to take the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exam.  Exam scores, and each college/university, will determine eligibility for college credit. 

In this program students commit to a morning block of time and experience a team teaching environment.  

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DAAPS Instructor

Kevin Storey


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