CTECTE courses utilize comprehensive programs of study aligned to career pathways which link school-based learning with the knowledge and skills required for future success.

Shadow Mountain offers many outstanding CTE programs:

Culinary Arts

A career as a chef, cook or food preparation worker involves the ability to work as an efficient team member. Students will learn food preparation and cooking methods, food-handling techniques and sanitation procedures.

Early Childhood Development

Students learn the physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of young children, plus techniques to guide young children and create a safe, healthy learning environment.

Education Professions

This course prepares students to work in the field of education. There is an emphasis on communication, knowledge of the learner, the teacher and the school.


Students will become familiar with the varying fields of biotechnology including applications in plants, animals and people.

Forensics Advisor

Shari Anton


Photography is a great way to have a skill building experience. Students who are interested can learn how to create incredible pictures. Using Photoshop and other programs further their abilities in photography. Throughout the different levels of photography classes, you are able to be creative and independent with your style of pictures.

Photography class is full of amazing opportunities to strengthen and refine your photo composition skills. You learn to use all kinds of editing software like Photoshop, iMovie, and different types of cameras if you move through the levels of photography classes. It is a very fun class to take as an elective and will make you realize you can take amazing photos, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Photography Teacher

Mindi Cooper