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Vision Statement:

“Sandpiper commits to expertly combining rigorous academics with a rich school culture, as we prepare the next generation for success on a global scale.”

Mission Statement:

Sandpiper cultivates resourceful, resilient students through the teaching of academic and social emotional skills. 

Social emotional learning promotes and supports the care of ourselves and others so we can positively contribute to any community.

Our school is committed to providing relevant and engaging learning opportunities that promote growth of Sandpiper’s students, staff, and community. For those students in the DLSI (Dual Language Spanish Immersion) program we provide an opportunity to achieve bilingual and biliterate proficiency and multicultural competency. 

We accomplish this academically by providing and maintaining:

  • A highly qualified and committed staff that is continually learning and growing

  • A challenging and engaging curriculum for all students that supports a standards-centered approach to academic learning

  • Clear and consistent communication of academic expectations and progress to all families 

  • A gifted program that provides acceleration and enrichment for identified gifted students

  • Fidelity assurances for our DLSI (Dual Language Spanish Immersion) program

We accomplish this socially and emotionally by providing and maintaining:

  • A culture of collaboration and respect within the school community

  • Positive partnerships with parents and our community

  • Explicit teaching and practice of social emotional learning techniques embedded into everyday learning

  • A safe and welcoming learning environment

  • Consistent communication of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) practices with families

We accomplish this behaviorally by providing and maintaining:

  • The promotion of positive citizenship and character traits through our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) framework and STARS (Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, Respectful, Supportive) recognition programs.