Objective #1

Develop relationships that support and foster social, emotional, and academic needs to ensure individual student success.

School Strategies

  • New equity committee developed.

  • Equity survey distributed to staff.

  • Equity survey distributed to students.

  • Representatives from the Equity Committee will attend the ASCD equity conference Nov. 16 and 17 (2017).

  • Equity will be a point of discussion with the School Council monthly.

Objective #2

Create procedures to eliminate barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high quality curricular and extracurricular programs.

School Strategies

  • Principal will conduct monthly attendance audits to insure students are present at school.

  • Principal will participate in CUTS training and implementation to insure attendance.

  • Sandpiper will provide scholarships to students in need, enabling them to participate in any tax credit program offered at school (reading club and homework club).

Objective #3

To develop cultural competence within PVSchools that results in equity for students.

School Strategies

  • Sandpiper will continue to work with the ELL department to identify students who are able to participate in our Spanish Immersion program (once they pass the AZELLA)

  • Involve all students in our multicultural event in the Spring.

  • Support integration of Spanish music and art in the corresponding special areas.