The following signature programs are provided by Sandpiper to help every student explores his or her unique interests and to unlock every student's full potential.

Literacy: Columbia Writing Project

In 2006, Sandpiper began collaborating with Columbia University to implement Lucy Calkin's Writing Project, which uses a workshop approach to support student learning. Teachers use a mini-lesson to instruct and model the writing processes, and then provide time for individual work and conferencing with the teacher.

Dual Language Spanish Immersion

In Sandpiper's partial immersion program, English-speaking students will spend half of the instructional school day learning subjects in Spanish and the other half learning in English.  

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Gifted Services

Our gifted programs promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities, develop and expand thinking skills, and utilize different strategies for learning. Students K-3 who are identified as gifted are placed in gifted clusters in the general education classroom. Students in grades 4-6 who are identified as gifted are given separate programming for reading and math class. 

Little Scholars Pre-Kindergarten with Spanish Enrichment

Located at Sandpiper Elementary School, Spanish Enrichment Instruction is provided in addition to the Core Knowledge Curriculum. This class is for 4 year olds and is taught by a certified and highly qualified teacher who is fluent in Spanish. The class follows the district's academic calendar and transitions to the K-6 Sandpiper Dual Language Spanish Immersion program. This full-day program meets Monday through Friday and is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

For more information about Core Knowledge with Spanish Enrichment, please contact the Community Education Department at (602) 449-2200, 2201 or 2202. Preschool registration is through the PVSchools Community Education department.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a systems approach to establish the social culture and the behavioral supports needed for all children in a school to achieve both social and academic success (Sugai and Horner, 2002). Our Sandpiper community believes that every child can be successful if provided the right conditions. For more information, read our PBIS Parent Handbook.

Spanish Enrichment

Sandpiper offers a Special Area class to enrich our Spanish Immersion program for our K-3 students.  This class gives all students the opportunity to learn and practice their Spanish as well as learn more about Spanish culture. 

Special Education

Students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are given the supports for success through our Special Education program. 


Students will receive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education as a rotation in our school's special areas. Students meet in a combined science and computer lab as they participate in hands-on, collaborative and creative projects that support science, technology, engineering and math.  


Sandpiper is proud to boast a state-of-the-art STEM lab, which is used by all of our students. Class projects and assignments are often coordinated through the STEM teacher so that all of our students are able to create and learn with 21st-century skills. Students 2nd grade and up have 1-to-1 Chromebooks. Second-grade and lower-grade students have access to iPads.


Visit Community Education's website for more information about preschool.

For more details about Sandpiper Elementary, please call the front office: (602) 449-6300.