Dress Code

Dress Code

  • Hats are not allowed at school, unless you are a Merit student.

  • The School Nurse can approve hats during outside activities after a student initiates contact with the nurse and a conference occurs discussing medication.

  • Parents can then provide an unmarked cap to the nurse’s office for use by the student during outside activities.

  • Steel-toed shoes are not allowed.

  • Tank tops and undershirts may be worn under other shirts but not alone.

  • Students may not wear clothing or accessory items which display advertise or encourage alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sexual activity, gang affiliation or any other substances or condition that might adversely affect other students, the learning process, or school discipline.

  • Any student wearing such items will be sent to the office for a change of clothing, the parent may be called to provide a change of clothing and/or the student will be required to remove the offensive item.

Prohibited Items

Hand-held electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) – Some restrictions apply

  • Elementary and middle school students may not have these items

  • High school students may earn the privilege

  • Progress students may use iPods at specific times with staff permission 

  • Merit students may use iPods and cell phones with staff permission 

  • It is the students' responsibility to guard these items. They bring them to school at their own risk

  • Students who bring these items to school without earning the privilege, may have them confiscated and held till a parent can pick them up

Items that may cause a distraction

Students will not be allowed to bring any items to school that may cause a distraction or otherwise detract from the learning environment. This will include but is not limited to:

  • Real or toy weapons such as guns and knives

  • Squirt/spray guns

  • Radios and TVs

  • Drinks or drink containers other than to be consumed at lunch

  • Cologne/perfume

  • Explosives of any kind

  • Suggestive reading material

  • Items for trade

  • Material which could be used to damage the school environment

  • Smoking and smoking paraphernalia, such as cigarettes, pipes, rolling papers, or matches/lighters. These items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Students may not leave these items at the office or with a bus driver or other staff member to be picked up after school.

  • Bringing sports equipment and balls to school is a progress level privilege. Permission must come from the homeroom teacher.  

  • Bats are never allowed to be brought from home.

  • Jewelry which represents images conducive to a negative school climate (marijuana leaf, sexual behavior, etc.) or which could present a safety hazard (i.e., miniature knives, bullets, chains, etc.). Any students possessing such items will be told to remove the item and may face possible confiscation and/or disciplinary action. 

  • Jewelry may be too dangerous to be worn during PE, so teachers will ask students to remove those items during PE. This includes pierced jewelry.

Bringing to school most items listed above constitute a very serious violation of district policy and may result in a referral for expulsion, long term suspension or alternative placement. 

Students occasionally request permission to bring a pet to school. This request should be made in writing by the parent to the classroom teacher. The teacher and the administrator will discuss the request and inform the student. Pets are not allowed on the school buses, so parents would have to make alternative arrangements if the request is granted.

Search for prohibited item(s)

Although the right to privacy of every student is respected, it cannot override the need for a safe school environment. If it is reasonable to believe that a student is in possession of something that does or could create a hazardous situation at school, the building administrator or the interventionist will intervene. 

The intervention will include the principal talking with the student about the suspected infraction.

The student will be given an opportunity to relinquish the item voluntarily. If after talking with the student, the administrator still feels that a safe environment cannot be assured, she may ask the student to empty his or her pockets or to show her the inside of socks, pant cuffs, etc. The student will not be physically searched.

If a student refuses the administrator’s request, the police may be contacted. The parents will be contacted simultaneously. Depending on the circumstances, the student may be asked to go home.

Tobacco Law  

Tobacco products are prohibited on school grounds, inside school buildings, in school parking lots or playing fields, in school buses or vehicles or at off-school sponsored events. For purposes of this subsection, “school” means any public, charter or private school where children attend classes in kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve. A person who violates this section is guilty of a petty offense.

For policies, procedures, rights and responsibilities in Paradise Valley Schools, please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook.