Sarah Booth - Third Grade

Sarah Booth

I began my education career as a para in a school for students with emotional disabilities in the Finger Lakes area of New York while going back to college for teaching. I've lived in Arizona since 2010 and worked for a couple districts before joining Roadrunner in Paradise Valley this year. I've jumped between teaching general education and special education over the years; I enjoy teaching third grade reading and math. I'm pretty excited to be using the Boys Town model this year. When I'm not teaching, I'm gardening, mountain biking, raising chickens, and off-roading in the Jeep with my boyfriend.


Shirley Hallman - Third-Fourth Grade

Shirley Hallman


Sheila Ellis - Mrs. Hallman's ESP

Sheila Ellis

This is my second year at Roadrunner. I love working with these kids! They all have such unique skills and talents to be coaxed out. I grew up in Colorado, spent time in Michigan and Texas before moving to Arizona, more than two decades ago. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Spanish. When I’m not at school you can find me at Liberty Wildlife with a raptor (bird, not dinosaur) on my arm, educating the public about the importance of conserving wildlife. I also enjoy taking photographs and I write poetry, short stories, magazine articles, several of which have been published. 


Laura Perez - 4th Grade ESP

Laura Perez


Beth Faze - Fifth Grade

Beth Faze

My name is Beth Faze and I teach 5th grade here at Roadrunner.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Bowling Green State University in 1983 and moved to Arizona.  Ten years later, I returned to college and received my teaching credentials from Grand Canyon University and began my career at PVUSD.  I love teaching and working with our diverse population. Outside of school, I like music, reading, hanging out with friends, and playing all types of games.


Patricia Marquez - Mrs. Faze's ESP

Patricia Marquez

I have a BA in Science and Letters from Colegio El Esdeo in Guatemala City. I studied pharmacy for three years without finishing at the Universidad de San Carlos.

When I was a child, I had many dreams: I wanted to become a psychologist, then a pharmacist, and lastly a social worker. I also liked to recite poems. But them I moved to the United States and became an educator. My favorite subjects in school were math and chemistry.

On my free time, I like to walk, swim, and read historical novels. I'm a soccer mom and go to all of my youngest son's soccer games. I collect elephant figurines and like to play a lot of sudoku puzzles to help take my mind off stress.

I'm friendly and easy going, and I have a lot of patience. I'm very dedicated to my job, and strive to be professional in everything I do. I always expect the best of myself.


Christopher Legere - Upper Elementary Interventionist 

Christopher Legere

I have been enjoying the privilege of working with the amazing staff and students at Roadrunner School since 2016. I started in the seventh grade classroom but have since worked to help with both elementary and middle school intervention rooms.  

I was born in raised here in Phoenix, and attended school in the Paradise Valley School District. I left Phoenix to pursue a business degree at the U of A, but returned when my family needed my help. Upon moving back, I also changed my degree to education, and finished my schooling at ASU.

I am fun-loving and full of energy. I am a huge goofball and will do anything to help the people close to me. I enjoy time with friends and family. We only have so much time on this Earth, and I intend on filling it as much as possible with people on all sorts of adventures. 

My favorite charity is the ASPCA. My family and I have a soft spot for dogs and often donate money to help save them from being put down. My dog Mojo was a stray I saved during my time in Tucson.