Jayne Monroe - Intervention ESP

Jayne Monroe


This is my 7th year at Roadrunner and I currently work in middle school intervention. I enjoy working with the students and helping them achieve their goals. Spending time with my children and grandchildren is my most favorite pastime. I also enjoy cooking and outdoor activities.


Ashley Gallus - 6th Grade Teacher

Ashley Gallus



David Winters - Mrs. Gallus' ESP

David Winters



Jen Sjoquist - Seventh/Eighth Grade Teacher

Jen Sjoquist



Barbara Neyer - Mrs. Sjoquist's ESP

Barb Neyer



Jenn McKenna - Seventh/Eighth Grade Teacher

Jenn Mckenna



Thomas Nava - Mrs. McKenna's ESP



Bonnie Blakley - Fourth-Sixth Grade Teacher

Bonnie Blakley


I came to Roadrunner in the 2014-2015 school year. I began my career in the Cave Creek School District, working 7 years as a para-educator from high school through middle school and then as a resource teacher for 6 years. I have always enjoyed working with behavior students and seeing the progress they make throughout the year and was excited to come to Roadrunner because of the philosophy used to shape behaviors. In my free time I love to read books, go on walks and do various needlework projects. I live with a bird, 2 dogs, 1 cat, fish and various types of crested geckos.


Matt Pleasant - Ms. Blakley's ESP

Matthew Pleasant