Roadrunner teachers and support staff try their best to reward students for their good behavior with points, which can be used as currency to purchase field trips, special benefits, a free period on Fridays (reinforcement), club, and treats and gifts from our store.

Students can earn three different levels on the point system: Daily, Progress,and Merit.

The prices for store items and other benefits are cheaper for progress and merit students, and sometimes certain items are only available to them. So it pays to show good behavior.

Kids playing sports

Daily Students: 

  • can buy from the school store 

  • can buy Friday reinforcement 

  • have no limit in how many points they can get 

Progress Students: 

  • can buy reinforcement for half price 

  • get to go outside during lunch 

  • get to buy fast food

  • can buy treats and school supplies for less 

  • can buy the privilege to eat at the Progress Table

  • can negotiate points earned each day 

  • can use the computer in homeroom for free

Merit Students: 

  • are trusted to walk around the entire campus by themselves 

  • can choose to be teacher for a day

  • can drive to school 

  • can listen to music while working 

  • can wear a hat 

  • can, with the principal’s permission, go off campus for lunch 


Daily and Progress students can buy bonds. A bond is worth 6,000 points. Bonds are a way to get to the next level. For instance, a Daily student would need 100 bonds to get to Progress, and a Progress student 100 bonds to get to Merit. That's 600,000 points! But it's not all bad if the student buys them gradually and have patience. 

The Blue Light Special

Students who earn the Blue Light Special only need 50 bonds instead of 100 bonds to become Progress. But if they have a referral or lose more that 5,000 points in one day, they lose that chance.