Betsy Mays

I am Betsy Mays, and I am very happy to serve as the administrator for PVOnline. My role is to work with students, parents, and staff to provide a supportive online learning environment that offers students flexibility with course selection and pacing.

I started my  career in education with the Paradise Valley Unified School District in 1994 and spent the first 20 years teaching middle school math and science. After 5 years in the curriculum department, I joined the PVOnline team.

Our district is committed to providing choice for parents and students: PVOnline is one of  the many opportunities PVSchools offers students to continue their educational journey. Certain work habits, learning styles, and skills contribute to successful online learning and teaching. Online learning and teaching is not better or worse than face-to-face learning and teaching; it is different. We encourage parents and students to make an informed choice when choosing PVOnline. Please feel free to contact me or the PVOnline office to see if PVOnline is the right choice for your child.