PVOnline is an approved Arizona Online Instruction provider through the Arizona State Board of Education and is fully accredited as an extension of the school district.  All PVOnline teachers are Highly Qualified and certified in their area of instruction.


  • Fully accredited courses administered by one of the most respected school districts in Arizona
  • Integration of 21st century skills with a priority on Arizona Technology Standards
  • Access to resources such as Google Apps and Cisco Telepresence
  • Flexibility to create a schedule that allows you to submit work consistently each week
  • Prepare in a real-world environment for post-secondary education
  • One-on-one access to instructors through chat, email, and telephone
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The Mission of PVOnline is to assure the highest level of learning for ALL students.

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Learn more about our Principal and leadership team, and how they strive to enhance and improve our school.

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Student Life

We’ve provided several resources to help parents and students achieve success at PVOnline.

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COMPASS Strategic Plan

Our COMPASS strategic plan represents our beliefs, mission, vision, and overall goals to help our students succeed