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PVOnline is an approved Arizona Online Instruction provider through the Arizona State Board of Education and is fully accredited as an extension of the school district. All PVOnline teachers are highly qualified and certified in their area of instruction. PVOnline teachers are PVUSD teachers. Some of the benefits include: Fully accredited courses administered by one of the most respected school districts in Arizona; Integration of 21st-century skills with a priority on Arizona Technology Standards; Flexibility to create a schedule that allows you to submit work consistently each week and work Monday-Sunday.

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The PV Assist support site offers technical support for students, parents and guardians of the Paradise Valley School District. Please refer to this site for support for PVSchools Online Services.


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Edgenuity grades 3 to 8


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Flexible Study

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NCAA Approved Courses

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Approved AOI provider


A Message from the Superintendent of PVSchools

I want to reiterate our commitment to the safety of our stud...

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PVSchools Class of 2022 Offered Scholarships Worth More Than $59 Million

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Summer School Registration Deadline

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Join us at this PVSchools Governing Board Meeting, led by …
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