PVOnline offers elementary, middle and high school students an individualized and unique learning environment with courses available for credit recovery, honors, AP and dual enrollment. All courses are aligned to the Arizona State Standards.


View our course list. Middle and high school students please note:

Each PVOnline course completion is worth half of one credit, the same value for an equivalent in-person, semester course.
Science credits available through PVOnline satisfy the science lab credit required by many post-secondary institutions. 
Military and NCAA candidates are encouraged to verify that online credits are accepted by the intended institution before enrollment.
Off-campus students are required to record the time spent on coursework in an online log.

Dual Enrollment

PVOnline is currently offering English 101 and English 102 for dual enrollment through a partnership with Rio Salado Community College. Students interested in taking these courses must make a qualifying score on a placement test. Your counselor can help you with this process. You may also call the PVOnline office at (602) 449-2450.

For more information on dual enrollment, go to Rio Salado Dual Enrollment.

Safety and Security

All student coursework and communication will take place through PVOnline's own email and course delivery systems, in a safe, secure environment that is monitored by us and accessible only to our students and their instructors.

Technical Requirements

  • Courses are accessible anytime and anywhere high-speed Internet is available. 
  • Content is viewable on either Mac or Windows systems.
  • Technical requirements:
  • The PVOnline portal (web address) is:
  • Updated operating system Macintosh OSX or Windows XP minimum
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari - Note: Internet Explorer is NOT recommended
  • Word processor such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs (free), or Open Office (free)
  • PDF viewer Adobe Reader or Preview
  • You may need to download safe plug-ins
  • QuickTime
  • iTunes

Academic Assistance

Contact your online instructor if you have specific questions or need additional support for the course you are taking.
Peer tutoring is also available through the FROST program.


District Instructional Goal

COMPASS logoImprove instruction and learning to maximize student success, minimize student failure, and prepare students as successful citizens in a rapidly-evolving world.


PVOnline will provide online and blended learning pathways for K-12 students, setting them on the course of self-motivated learning, in an environment that prepares them for a successful life in the global 21st century.


PVOnline's mission is to provide an environment which allows students to take ownership and responsibility of their education by being flexible with course selections and course pacing in order to help them reach their desired goals.


  • Students learn better if they are actively engaged, build knowledge, apply their learning, and receive meaningful instruction.
  • Online learning should account for the different methods and pacing of learning through efficient and effective multimedia.
  • Learning is social, creative, and collaborative' online education affords more opportunities for communication, not less.
  • Online activities and assignments promote higher order critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Online learning enables differentiated instruction with adaptive curriculum, assignments, and assessments providing individualized feedback.
  • Online courses prepare students with 21st Century Skills for post-secondary success.